Lessons Learned

Every project provides us with an opportunity to hone our skills, and this project was no different. Certain aspects of the project were costly from varying perspectives - time, money, carbon output. We learned a lot and would do certain things differently if done again. Still, the final project is amazing!

Check back soon for a more streamlined experience.

Exterior / Cladding 2
The rainscreen assembly is costly, particularly with the shimming required to install over the uneven render surface
Consider exposing the render as the exterior surface finish for hempcrete construction, or using a double stud wall with membrane air barrier to simplify the rainscreen install.
Lime plaster / render can easily adhere to and stain finished surfaces during install.
Take extra care to protect work from hemplime and lime plasters during spray. Removal is challenging and can damage finishes.
Interior / Plaster
With spray system used, interior requires thicker leveling base coat than anticipated.
Plan for an additional 1/2" to 1" for leveling or consider forming hempcrete at interior.
Interior / Plaster
Avoid tape-in grilles or beads with lime plasters.
Use items that provide a raised edge to plaster to, separate with a knife score.
Insulation / Hemplime
Metal reinforcing for spray on the exterior works well but is costly.
Consider wood "handles" / strips to help with hemplime adhesion on flat surfaces.
Insulation / Acoustic
Recycled cotton/denim insulation not available. Mineral wool is high in embodied energy.
Consider hempwool up front, which is a viable alternative that will be available domestically in the future. Product requires a circular saw because typical carpet knife blades do not cut successfully. Greenstamp Insulation confirmed that the insulation is more difficult to work with and battery powered circular saws were required.
Black Locust availability is limited, and quality can be poor
Decking was sourced, but difficult, and material required culling and using screws / bungs to avoid splitting / checking. Narrow boards help. Possible alternatives: FSC, Thermal / Acetylate dproducts
Exterior / Cladding
The 12" L. batten fasteners were difficult to source, costly, and were difficult to coordinate with electrical conduit.
To eliminate the extra long fasteners, consider using the render as exterior surface finish for hempcrete construction, or using a double stud wall with membrane air barrier. Minimize conduit runs on exterior walls, and set conduit as far inboard in assembly as possible (also helps with hemplime coverage).